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E-Commerce Inventory Solution - Notion Template


E-Commerce Inventory Solution | Notion Template

Easily track your stock levels of goods or products based on movements in your storage locations - purchases and sales.

Streamline Inventory Management: This E-Commerce Inventory Solution is designed as a Notion Template specifically for online sellers.

Allows you to efficiently track your stock levels based on purchase and sale movements.

Say goodbye to manual inventory management and embrace this digital solution that saves time and reduces errors.


Goods (Products)

✅ Stock Level

✅ Storage Locations

✅ In Stock Status

✅ Low in Stock

✅ Out of Stock

✅ Goods in Delivery (ordered)

✅ Stock Values


✅ Adjustments of Stock Level

✅ Opening Stock Level

✅ Lost Goods

✅ Expired Goods


✅ IN & OUT Movements

✅ Track Purchase Orders

✅ Overdue Deliveries

✅ Track Suppliers

✅ Goods Receipts

✅ Upcoming Arrivals

✅ Latest Arrivals

✅ Open Purchase Orders

✅ Track Sales / Goods Orders


🔝 Stay One Step Ahead of Demand
Our Notion Template allows you to effortlessly monitor the movements of your goods ensuring always accurate stock level

🚀 Boost Your Profit Margins
By optimizing your stock based on data-driven insights, you'll minimize surplus while maximizing profit margins.

🚦 Never Run Out of Stock
Our Notion Template allows you to easily identify low-stock goods, giving you time to restock before it's too late >> Keep your Customers Happy

👀 Overview of Stock
Have always an overview of your stock level, value and upcoming deliveries

🖍️ Track Purchases and Suppliers
Check Suppliers, their open Purchases and their expected delivery

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Notion Template: E-Commerce Inventory

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E-Commerce Inventory Solution - Notion Template

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